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Our products emphasize comfort, ease of use, and design. We believe that our users deserve a prosthetic attachment that doesn’t need to be concealed under long pants or dresses. No heavy, cumbersome designs, sharp edges, but rather an aesthetic, elegant, and compact design.

SINCE 2018

OTN Innovations B.V. is a Dutch medical company that has been involved in designing, developing, and innovating the connecting element and components used to attach the prosthesis to the osseointegration system (BADAL X) of OTN Implants B.V. since 2018. The product range encompasses all components between the bone-anchored implant with a double cone (DCA) and the prosthesis (C-leg, Genium, myoelectric arm prosthesis, etc.).


We are working on the ideal system for everyone. We are continuously expanding the possibilities for adjustment with our various offset plates and swivel connector, providing freedom of movement for the user. Additionally, our modular system allows for sustainability by enabling the repair or replacement of individual components of the system. In addition to prosthetic connections and components for upper and lower extremities, OTN Innovations also focuses on osseointegration accessories, tools, and custom-made components.


OTN Innovations B.V. products are already being offered by various orthopedic centers, both in the Netherlands and outside the European Union. Please contact us to find out if OTN Innovations products are available in your country.

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