Luci Where simplicity meets elegance
0, 10, 20, 40 of 60mm Titanium, stainless steel 317 gr / 11.18oz

About Luci

One year after our first connector, the Heli, we expand our range of products with an even more elegant version: the Luci. The organic shapes of the human body are represented by tough metals such as titanium and stainless steel. The round shapes and smooth finishes prevent bruises on the skin and damaging your clothes. Due to the precise clamping (copied from the bicycle) the male part remains clean and will wear off less. Say goodbye to those black spots.

The choice of material, fitting and ease of use are subjects that challenge us to keep our users mobile and free of backlash. In addition, at OTN Innovations we consider the design and aesthetics as very important, especially under a dress or shorts during warm weather.

Advantages of the Luci connector:

  • Round, sleek and timeless design
  • No Allen key or other tools required to disconnect the prosthesis
  • Fast and reliable connection: mobile in 5 seconds
  • The direct connection between the femur or tibia and the prosthesis makes it possible to sense the surface (sand, grass, tiles, etc.)
  • Fast exchange with the swimming prostheses
  • Few moving parts make the Luci connector robust and durable
  • Transtibial, transfemoral and bilateral application
  • Short system height and 360 degrees adjustable
  • Easy installation and interchangeable components
  • Requires the same service tools as the OTNi Heli connector
  • Water and corrosion resistant, both in fresh and salt water
  • Rotational safety protection (50 Nm) between male part and DCA (double cone adapter)
  • ISO 10328 certified
  • Compatible with various osseointegration systems

All specifications

Trademark Luci
Ref. No. series 17
Material Titanium, stainless steel
Offsets 0, 10, 20, 40 & 60mm
Certification DIN EN ISO 10328:2016
Mobility rate K1-K4
Body weight Max. 125 kg / 275 lbs
Weight male part 60 gr / 2.12oz
Weight female part 175 gr / 6.17oz
Weight offset 0-60mm 82 – 198 gr / 2.89oz – 6.98oz
Combination weight 317 – 433 gr / 11.18oz – 15.27oz
Dimensions mm (h x w x d) 66 x 47x 59 mm
Dimensions inch (h x w x d) 2.60” x 1.85” x 2.32”
Net. system height 19 mm / 0.75”
Warranty and service 2 years


The following downloads are available for the Luci connector.

Instructions-For-Use-LUCI-V5 download
OTN-Innovations-Luci-Technical-sheet download


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