Luci Where simplicity meets elegance
0, 10, 20, 30K, 40, 40K, 50, 50K, 60 or 60K (mm) Titanium, stainless steel 317 gr / 11.18oz

About Luci

The Luci is innovative. Its design allows for a seamless connection with the prosthesis. A four-point screw ensures a strong attachment of the connector. The closure and swivel connection make it possible to quickly connect and disconnect.

Benefits of the Luci connector:

  • Round, sleek, and timeless design
  • No Allen keys or other tools needed to disconnect the prosthesis
  • Quick and reliable connection: mobile in 5 seconds
  • Due to the direct connection between the skeleton and prosthesis, it is possible to feel the ground (sand, grass, tiles, etc.)
  • Quick exchange with the swim prosthesis
  • Minimal moving parts make the design robust and durable
  • Transtibial, transfemoral, and bilateral applications
  • Low system height and adjustable 360 degrees
  • Simple installation and interchangeable components
  • Requires the same service tools as the OTNi Heli connector
  • Water-resistant and rust-resistant in both fresh and saltwater
  • Rotation security (50 Nm) between the male part and double cone
  • ISO 10328 certified
  • Compatible with various osseointegration systems

All specifications

Trademark Luci
Ref. No. series 17
Material Titanium, stainless steel
Offsets 0, 10, 20, 30K, 40, 40K, 50, 50K, 60 & 60K (mm)
Certification DIN EN ISO 10328:2016
Mobility rate K1-K4
Body weight Max. 125 kg / 275 lbs
Weight male part 60 gr / 2.12oz
Weight female part 175 gr / 6.17oz
Weight offset 0-60mm 82 – 198 gr / 2.89oz – 6.98oz
Combination weight 317 – 433 gr / 11.18oz – 15.27oz
Dimensions mm (h x w x d) 66 x 47x 59 mm
Dimensions inch (h x w x d) 2.60” x 1.85” x 2.32”
Net. system height 19 mm / 0.75”
Warranty and service 2 years


The following downloads are available for the Luci connector.

EN - Instructions For Use Luci - V7 - FINAL download
OTN-Innovations-Luci-Technical-sheet download


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